Different Apps to Edit Your Pictures on Your Smartphone

by Sophia

People love to convey their feelings to their significant others by exchanging pictures and letting them know about their activities. For this, they use different photo editing tools and create attractive pictures. Besides this, businesses today must share the most attractive product photographs with suitable backgrounds to generate sales.

In the current age of iOS and Android apps, anybody can get creative and edit their pictures using free photo-editing tools. These apps can be installed on your smartphone and are very easy to use with a stable internet connection in order to download them. Keeping this in mind, let’s have a look at the different apps that can help you edit pictures right from your smartphone:

YouCam Perfect 

Millions of users use the app to edit selfies and as a beauty camera app. The app can help you apply different tools to beautify your face, whiten your teeth, create attractive collages, etc. One of the app’s best features is that it can help you transform your animated selfies into videos using easy-to-use templates. You can also add effects to your selfies and share selfie videos with your friends.

All your work gets saved to the cloud backup that allows you to access your photos on multiple devices. You can also remove unwanted objects from your pictures and give them a personalized look using a few taps on the screen.


The app lets users animate their pictures using a wide range of AI-powered effects using a few taps on the screen. Also, you can use smart tools to remove unwanted objects, change the background, and get more creative using effects like bokeh and dispersion.

PhotoDirector is one of the best tools to edit your photos using precision editing tools to crop them, transform all details, adjust colors, etc. Users can use some powerful Photo Animation tools to add more life to their images using natural-looking movement, etc. With the app’s powerful UI, you can further share your picture on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat.


The app lets you edit your pictures and create perfect photos you can share with your friends. For instance, AirBrush can remove pimples, even out your skin tone, make your face wrinkle-free, whiten your teeth, etc. Besides this, you can frame your photos using vignettes, crop photos using custom or pre-set sizes, and get control over the light in your pictures.

One of the best things about the app is that you can apply a different look to your photos as the app

always has new filters and attractive light effects to apply to your pictures.

Square Fit Photo Video Editor

The app lets you post full-size pictures and videos to your Instagram account without cropping the important elements of your picture. Also, you can move, rotate, and scale the picture easily according to the social media platform. Besides this, you can apply fashionable filters, frames, stickers, text, etc., and get a high-resolution/print-quality output.

Apart from this, you can get as creative as possible and control different elements using borders, frames, shadows, rounded edges, etc. After this, you can share your pictures on social media, email them, or save them to the camera roll.


The app lets you create new memories using different collages, create share-worthy pictures for social media and add more creativity to your business photos. You can use the app to combine your photos, create video grids, and share them on Instagram. One of the best features of the app is that you can add blurred backgrounds without cropping out pictures or adding watermarks.

Apart from this, you can use the app as a social media marketing tool where you can use the app to customize your own logo and Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp logos easily along with your name. There are different ratios that you can work with. For instance, you can use ratios for Facebook covers, A4, and A3 size prints, etc.

Overall, it is a complete collage app with more than 20000 collage templates to re-mix around 16 photos to create personalized layouts and collages. 


There are so many photo-editing tools that you can download on your phone and make your social media posts, greeting cards, etc. more creative. Besides this, many other tools can help you get a better selfie that makes you appear more groomed and good-looking on your social media profiles.

Apart from this, different organizations and celebrities use these tools to make their social media posts and other pictures appear beautiful and shareable. You can download these apps on your iPhone and other iOS devices using Metronet Internet. To get Metronet internet service for your home, you can call on the Metronet customer service number available on their website.

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