4 Characteristics That Set Awesome White Label App Developers Apart from the Rest

by Sophia

Are you a mobile app reseller wishing to provide a high-quality mobile app to your clients in order to add value to their marketing suite?

Are you looking for a dependable white label app developer who can provide you with a great software that meets your clients’ expectations?

The growing startup and entrepreneurial environment fuel the demand for mobile apps as a means of improving client relationships. White label app creation has emerged as a uniquely viable solution for a number of these firms, allowing them to have their own app that they can adapt to their branding while avoiding the expensive cost of custom app development.

Custom app creation can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 or more, which can really throw a wrench in the works for most of us.

White label apps provide a clear answer to this issue. White label App Developers in San Francisco create apps with no branding that may be entirely customized to your client’s needs. As an app reseller, you can then sell this ready-to-use software to your client, assisting them in strengthening their marketing suite and establishing their digital presence.

Are they on par with custom app developers?

Will my white label app be fully unique and not look like a knock-off?

Yes and no.

If you hire the appropriate white label app developer, you will get a flawless program that is indistinguishable from a custom software. This developer will provide you with an app that your customer will enjoy after conducting research and aligning development with your client’s business goals.

This white label app developer will also allow you to resell the software as your own, passing over entire rights and leaving no traces of their own branding on the app, so they are truly yours and your client’s.

So, how can you find the best white label app developer? What are some of the things they do differently to ensure your software does not appear to be a one-size-fits-all solution?

That is what I will tell you today. We’ll go over the qualities you should seek for in a white label app development partner. Here are the four characteristics that distinguish extremely excellent white label software developers from the rest:

1. They are familiar with the client’s business model.


Rather than creating a cookie cutter template app that looks as generic as a stock logo, skilled white label app developers take the time to understand the customer for whom the app is being built.

When developing an app, the client’s business model must be considered. That is something that most white label resellers will not do. However, even though the ingredients are all fresh, this is how you end up with a tasteless soup.

Cooking – er, building – an app must constantly be in sync with how the client does business. Is the customer a brick-and-mortar retailer transitioning into internet sales? Because that will necessitate a different type of app than for an online-only SaaS service provider.

Look for white label app developers who have a track record of building apps that are closely aligned with the client’s business plan.

Talk to these developers about how they approach the mobile app development process, and keep an eye out for the section where they promise to conduct customer research.

2. They Research the Client’s Target Audience


After ensuring that they understand the client’s business objectives, a professional white label app developer will make a real effort to understand the end user – the client’s target audience.

You won’t get very far designing an app if you don’t know who you’re making it for. User profiling and personas aid in shaping the app experience you create. Knowing everything there is to know about the end users is essential for developing a rich and engaging UX that gets the job done.

A typical white label app development business might be able to get away with creating a one-size-fits-all ecommerce app that includes everything from product listings to a payments page.

An excellent white label app development business, on the other hand, will conduct extensive user research. They may accomplish this in a variety of ways, including:

Personas in Marketing


It will construct marketing personas – fictional representations of target users – that define every area of their lives in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of what this individual likes and dislikes. This greatly assists in designing the app around the user’s life and imagining how the user will engage with the app.

Market Research


In addition to user personas, the app developer would conduct market research to learn everything there is to know about the users, including demographics such as age, gender, and interests, as well as experiences with similar apps.

Competitor Analysis


In terms of similar apps, a fantastic white label app developer would conduct competition research to determine what kind of Mobile App Development Company in New York the target consumers are currently using a lot of, in order to get a sense of the users’ taste and preferences.

Surveys of Users


It’s not unexpected if your dependable white label app developer conducts user surveys to get to know their customers better.

3. They Personalize


White label apps are intended to provide companies with cost-effective app development options in which the original developers do not stamp their branding on the app or claim any rights to it after handover.

This is not to say that white label apps must be basic, uninteresting, template-based apps.

Based on the study we conducted in the previous two sections; a good app developer would personalize the white label app to the point where it reflects the client’s branding and identity.

Based on the research we conducted in the previous two sections; a skilled app developer would personalize the white label app to the point where it reflects the client’s branding and the tastes of their target audience.

The developer would select acceptable colors, layouts, and integrations while keeping the audience’s demographics in mind.

Younger consumers require quick navigation and social media integration. Apps for elderly audiences require simple interfaces, simplified navigation, and larger buttons.

A skilled white label app developer would keep all of this in mind and create an app that feels as if it was individually developed for each user.

4. They want to maintain the app after it has been deployed.


Post-deployment services are one of the primary challenges with white label software development. What if the app contains a flaw? What if an upgrade is required? How will any requests for technical support be handled?

So, when looking for a white label app development partner who will not let you down in front of your clients, ask about their post-deployment services.

Do they offer all-inclusive maintenance for a set amount of time? How do they deal with issues and updates? Do they send over the code in case the client decides to outsource app maintenance in the future?

A skilled white label app developer will have practical solutions for all of these issues, guaranteeing that you and your customer have no problems.



When you act as an app reseller between a client and a white label app development company, your credibility with the client is determined by how well the white label developer performs. The only guaranteed method to secure your client’s satisfaction is to start off on the right foot.


Choosing the appropriate white label app development partner will make or break the final product. It will save you countless hours of micromanagement and vexing reviews.

At Linkitsoft, conduct your research and spend some time selecting only the best white label app developer for your customer. Once you’ve passed that checkpoint, the rest should be simple.

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